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Personal Area

Pool for children

Breast swimming - for children from 1 year to 3 years

Systematic exercises in water cause positive emotions in children, help strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as the musculoskeletal system, promote early development, stimulate metabolic processes. Strengthening the nervous system. Better sleep, improved appetite, increased overall body tone. Improving movement, increasing stamina. A lesson is included in the paid fitness service.

Starfish - for children 3-5 years

The program promotes hardening, the formation of proper posture, strengthening muscle tone, increasing the level of general physical education, fostering a sports character, improving the emotional background of the child. Water familiarization

Swimming school 6-7 years

This age group is optimal for fast and high-quality development of swimming techniques. At this age, a psychological readiness for consciously mastering the learning process is noticeably manifested, the perception of the world around is expanding, and the internal need for independent cognitive activity is growing. In the swimming lesson, children are enriched with both motor and emotional, strong-willed, moral and sports experience. Communication skills are strengthened, basic elements of swimming technique are honed and new ones are learned.

Sports swimming

8-10 years 11-13 years 14-16 years In the classroom, endurance and strength are improved, all swimming styles are thoroughly understood and speed indicators are improved.

Synchronized swimming 7-10 years

This program is aimed at teaching the elements of synchronized swimming: both solo and group work. Performance programs are compiled, basic synchronized swimming skills and other areas are developed and improved

Personal training

The fastest and most convenient way to the desired results! The trainer organizes the training process based on your schedule, physical capabilities and goals. It controls the correct execution of the technique, increases the effectiveness of training and helps to achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time. The main directions of personal training: - Swimming training for children and adults from zero level - General physical education of children and adults - Training in water aerobics - Designing and conducting training on rehabilitation programs in water - Training programs to prepare for the competition Paid lesson for club members


Freediving is considered not only safe, but also a healthy sport! It improves the functioning of the respiratory system, increases the elasticity of blood vessels, and deep relaxation exercises relieve stress. Proper holding of the breath does not leave our body without oxygen, but reduces its consumption. The main task of freediving is to make friends with the aquatic environment. To start freediving, you don’t need to be a professional swimmer, just be able to stay on the water. You will learn: 1) Swim under water in all styles. (In flippers and without them). 2) Breathe correctly under water 3) Eliminate fear of water and depth 4) Relax in the water and control your thoughts and body. Each lesson includes a warm-up on land. Paid lesson for club members
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