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UNBEATABLE EASY OF BEING from hairdressers PARUSALON As experts predict .... Braids, bright blondes, bob haircuts, neon coloring, shine in dark colors - all this is 2017, attempts at crazy experiments, and that's all in the past. World fashion experts in hairdressing are moving on, looking forward. Stylists PARUSALON have already studied all global trends. What are the hottest trends in haircuts, hairstyles in 2019? Best haircuts for women 2019? Something boyish. One of the hottest trends for 2019 is a reduction in length. Recall Linda the Evangelist in the 80s, this perky boyish look. A haircut is perfect for any age and requires a minimum of time for styling. OK: 80s retro haircuts. The next trend is naturalness and something that always looks natural. Remember Halle Berry on the red carpet .... Perfection, nothing more to say. Another secret 2019 secret - the stricter the better. Long straight hair will again take the hairdressing industry by storm. With shine, with shimmer. Introducing DemiMur or Sandra Bullock. They have long chosen this trend. We are equal to them. Well, “cherry on the cake” is the trend of 2019 ponytail. Yes Yes. Remove the hair dryer to the side, dry your hair naturally and pull the hair into a ponytail. No, it does not look too “schoolgirl”. On the contrary, it looks elegant and sophisticated, the beautiful Sienna Miller serves as proof. Only a small reservation. Hair should be healthy and well-groomed Sienna Miller uses the hair treatment “Happiness for hair” from LEBEL (Japan), presented in our Parus salon. And lastly, do you want to add maximum Hollywood glamor? When, as an artist, he looks at a picture and searches for this incomplete completion ... something ideal for day and evening glam. Hair styling favorite of 2019 - make a wave in front of the hairline, leaving the rest of the hair natural

Women's haircuts

• Women's haircut 2,500 rubles.
• Shearing with hot scissors + 400r.

Male haircuts

• Men's haircut 2,300 rubles.
• Haircut under the nozzle 1 200 rubles.
• Beard design 1 000 rubles.
• Mustache correction 800rub.

Baby haircut

Up to 6 years old inclusively 1200 rubles.

Longtime installation

• Hair styling with short hair 1 700 rubles.
• Hairdryer medium hair 2 000 rub.
• Hairdryer styling long hair 2,300 rubles.
• Styling with elements of hairstyle (curl, curls) short hair 1 900 rubles.
• Styling with elements of hairstyle (curl, curls) medium hair 2,300 rubles.
• Styling with elements of hairstyle (curl, curls) long hair 2 800 rubles.


• Hairstyle for medium hair 3,500 rubles.
• Hairstyle for long hair 4,500 rubles.
• Trial wedding hairstyle with decorative elements 3 750 rub.
• Wedding hairstyle with decorative elements: 7 500 rub.
- The service includes: washing hair (shampoo, hair conditioner, styling styling products)
• Hair weave (without washing / with washing the head) 1 200/1 800 rub.

One-tone hair coloring

• Partial staining (roots) 2 800 rubles.
• Coloring simple short hair 3 000 rubles.
• Dyeing simple hair of medium length 3,500 rubles.
• Coloring simple long hair 4,500 rubles.


• Highlighting short hair 3 000 rubles.
• Highlighting medium hair 3,500 rubles.
• Highlighting long hair 4 000 rubles.


• Toning (short hair) 2 200 rubles.
• Toning (medium length hair) 2,500 rubles.
• Toning (long hair) 3,500 rubles.


• Blonding for short hair 2 000 rubles.
• Blonding on hair of medium length 2,500 rubles.
• Blondirovanie on long hair 3 000 rubles.
Complex staining (Balayage, Ombre, Shatush, Baby Lights) from 6 500 rubles.


• Loreal paint (1ml.) 29 rub.
• Cream - Loreal oxidant in assortment (1ml.) 4 rub.
• Loreal brightening powder in assortment (1g.) 4 rub.

Additional services

• Haircut bangs 600 rubles.
• Shampooing + blow dryer 800 rub.
• Head massage (15/30 min.) 700/1 300 rub.

Lebel Molecular Restoration «Absolute Happiness»

• Short hair 3,500 rubles.
• Medium length hair 4,500 rubles.
• Long hair 5 500 rubles.

Ultrasound hair treatment

One procedure 3,500 rubles.

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