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Losing weight by summer, or always losing weight, those who have gained weight after pregnancy, or as a result of sedentary work, who are strongly recommended by a personal doctor to lose weight

  • Analysis of body composition and calculation of calorie intake, depending on the goal, drinking mode, according to the results of diagnostics on the In Body device (duration from 5 to 15 minutes with decoding of the result), selection of fitness activity individually for you.
  • The most energy-consuming and “fat-burning” programs are interval cycling, “circular” training in the new functional training zone;
  • Specialized programs for problem areas: “Strong torso”, “Perfect body”, “Slender legs”
  • Gym with premium Technogym equipment,
  • Pool and aqua aerobics and unique aqua simulators
  • Certified trainers with extensive experience and real achievements, specialists in their field, regularly offering programs for 5-9 weeks of weight loss intensives called #paruschallenge, summer camp trips;
  1. In our FIT FRESH BAR healthy food cafes, you can always choose a balanced diet that allows you to control the quantity and quality of consumed kcal.
  2. For an impeccable result, the program “weight loss” includes the procedures of the PARUS beauty salon for body care, hydrotherapy, various types of massages, LPG, mesotherapy with lipolytics, pressotherapy


The program includes
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