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Power training

Strength exercises for the development of muscles

Perfect body

Class for the study of all large muscle groups. Used dumbbells, rubber shock absorbers. Tip: for beautiful “chiseled” muscles, perform each exercise until the muscles “burn” / choose sufficient weight for this. Recommended for all levels of preparedness.
55 min

Strong torso

A power lesson aimed at training the muscles of the upper body: muscles of the back, chest, upper limbs and abdominals, using various available equipment. Training is aimed at strengthening and improving the form, the development of strength and endurance of muscles. Recommended for all levels of preparedness.
55 min

Slender legs

Power lesson for training the muscles of the lower body and the muscles of the abdominal muscles. High intensity load. Recommended for all levels of preparedness.
55 min

Barbell training

Lesson with a mini barbell weighing from 2 to 20 kg. Remains one of the most popular fitness programs in the world! This is a holistic system of low-impact strength training for strengthening, working out, tone of all muscle groups and body shaping. Recommended for all levels of preparedness.
55 min

Elastic bands

A unique set of exercises aimed at efficient fat burning in the shortest possible time, as well as increased coordination, muscle strength and endurance. The big plus is that the exercises are designed for all muscle groups, so fat burning occurs evenly, and your body takes on perfect shapes! You can easily adjust the muscle load, increasing or decreasing it depending on your physical fitness. With regular exercises of this complex, the result will not be long in coming: your legs will become slim, your buttocks will be tightened, and your stomach will be elastic! The lesson is suitable for people with any level of training.
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Flexible body

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