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Healthy spine

Healthy spine - a program designed for people of any level of preparedness and any age. The goal of the program is to improve and prevent spinal problems. The gymnastics complex in the hall is designed to restore and maintain spinal mobility, strengthen the muscular corset and includes exercises for the chest, lumbar and cervical spine. The Healthy Spine program helps protect your spine and joints in the best way. The movements are specially designed for their reinforcement, extension and unloading. This work makes you taller, stronger and more stable. In water, easier stretching of muscles, ligaments, and spine occurs, muscle tension is removed from the whole body, joint mobility increases.    (Low Intensity Class).
55 min

Joint Gymnastics

This complex develops flexibility, makes the human body strong, beautiful, lays the foundation for further physical and spiritual development. Gymnastics provides the necessary daily muscle load, strengthens the muscles of the back, abdomen, removes excess body fat, develops and strengthens the joints, frees them from salt deposits, makes the spine more flexible, heals the nervous system, regulates the thyroid gland, and rejuvenates the whole body. Low intensity class
55 min

Exercise therapy

Exercise therapy (therapeutic physical culture) - a comprehensive, functional lesson aimed at optimal training of the whole body, the development of muscle corset for the spine, the formation of the correct posture. Solves the issues of rehabilitation and injuries. suitable for all levels of preparedness.

Postural gymnastics

Therapeutic exercises to align the body when the strength and elasticity of the muscles are balanced. Suitable for any age and level of training. It combines the exercises of elasticity, strength and muscle endurance into a single process, involves various muscle groups. The movements are harmonious and coordinated, performed slowly and calmly. After the first lesson, ease of movement appears, pain gradually recedes. Systematic exercises lead to the harmonization of posture, the body becomes flexible and functional. Paid lesson for club members
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