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  • Who is it for? Families with children from 3-15 years old.
  • Gym with premium equipment - for high school students with professional instructors-mentors;
  • Pools (on Voskresenskaya embankment with a domed glass roof), and an innovative water treatment system
  • Center for Early Development - drawing, felting from wool, discussions and master classes on a healthy lifestyle; reveal the personal identity of each child, instill a culture of fitness from childhood;
  • Swimming school, we conduct competitions in the club 2 times a year, we prepare children for city competitions. School of Infant Swimming.
  • Children's acrobatics, Children's yoga and yoga in hammocks, lessons with a professional choreographer;
  • Boxing and martial arts for children and adolescents
  • Experienced certified teachers and trainers; The format of family fitness: "OFP with dad," "Mom and baby." These activities are also aimed at strengthening family ties and a deep understanding of the child.
  • Children's menu in a healthy diet cafe


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