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(Hydrotherapy - Vichy's shower) Do you think, but should you try the VICHY SHOWER? Have you ordered the PARADE SPECIAL special spa package in SALON SALON, but don’t know what the proper etiquette of the procedure is? Do not worry, we are here to take you to the world of bliss and relaxation. We recommend that you change after the procedure into something free and relaxing. You will understand what we mean when we finish your SHOWER VICHY procedure. Like many resorts offering this wonderful procedure, PARIS PARADE SALON has developed various spa ritual packages that include luxurious services such as seaweed wraps, chocolate wrap, sea salt and essential oil scrubs. After that, you can try the SHOWER of VISHI at the same time as a body massage with special moisturizing oils. This procedure has a great stress relieving effect and lymphatic drainage effect. SHOWER VICHY MASSAGE lasts an average of 10 -15 minutes, and in conclusion, under the jets of water regulated by a cosmetologist, you get the last minutes of bliss and renewal of your body (no more than 4-5 minutes). After the procedure, the cosmetologist will recommend that you rest for 10-15 minutes and taste our beautiful herbal tea. We can also order tea for you at FIT FRESH BAR, trusting their beautiful tea collection. What effect can be expected from the procedure? VISHI SHOWER increases blood circulation throughout the body, starts the body's detoxification process, boosts immunity, lowers blood pressure, improves the functions of internal organs, increases the metabolic rate and digestion activity, strengthens and tones up your skin, relaxes tense muscles (which is important after training), rejuvenates, helps alleviate weight loss, improves sleep. Thus, if you have digestive problems, insomnia, anxiety or depression, arthritis and all that we wrote above, the SHOWER VICHY SAIL session is your relaxing and therapeutic solution that can work better than a jar of potion or a bottle of wine . What are the contraindications to the procedure? Severe diseases of internal organs, malignant neoplasms, blood diseases, infectious diseases, a tendency to bleeding and rashes, pregnancy, critical days in women.

Manual underwater shower massage (PDM) 30 minutes

• 1 procedure 1 900 rub.
• 5 procedures (-5%) 9 025 rub.
• 10 procedures (-10%) 17 100 rubles.

• With salt (in assortment) + 300 rubles.
• With a concentrate (in assortment) (made in Germany) + 300 rubles.

Manual underwater shower massage (PDM) 45 minutes

• 1 procedure 2 100 rubles.
• 5 procedures (-5%) 9 975 rub.
• 10 procedures (-10%) 18 900 rubles.

• With salt (in assortment) + 300 rubles.
• With a concentrate (in assortment) (made in Germany) + 300 rubles.

Manual underwater shower massage + Sharko shower 45 minutes

• 1 procedure 2 900 rub.
• 5 procedures (-5%) 13,375 rubles.
• 10 procedures (-10%) 26 100 rubles.

Doug Charcot 15 minutes

• 1 procedure 1,300 rubles.
• 5 procedures (-5%) 6 175 rubles.
• 10 procedures (-10%) 11 700 rubles.


Physiotherapeutic Supplements:
• Saki salt + 300 rubles.
• Concentrates in assortment (made in Germany) (lavender, lemon balm, chestnut) + 300 rubles.

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