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Parus beauty salon is equipped with a complete hydropathic complex. Vichy shower, Charcot shower, hot tub, cedar barrel.

The procedures have an excellent lymphatic drainage effect, increase blood circulation throughout the body, start the detoxification process of the body, increase immunity, lower blood pressure, improve the functions of internal organs, increase the metabolic rate and digestive activity, strengthen and tone your skin, relax tense muscles (which is important after exercise ), rejuvenate, help ease weight loss, and promote better sleep. Hydrotherapy procedures give not only beauty and health, but also tranquility, relaxation and inner harmony. It is recommended to take a course of 10 procedures, and you will notice the effect immediately after the first visit.

CEDAR BARREL (phyto-sauna) + THALASSO B spa treatm

Charcot shower

Vichy shower

Manual underwater massage shower

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